Really sleepy this morning. :yawn: Out babysitting until 12:30 last night. Woke up early to shower, and do some revision. My eyes can't stay open, and my mind can't work! :zz:

The title refers to the children, last night. Apart from the usual bickering and shouts of "L... hit me!", they didn't try my patience too much! Bedtime was easy, I just used the words; "Santa only gives presents to good little girls, who do what the babysitter tells them!" :)) After that, I didn't have any trouble for the rest of the evening!

One more night until Christmas. Big Sister is, I think, about to leave someone on ebay a negative feedback. Her present for Little Sister hasn't arrived yet! :oops: Either me or Dad need to go to Sainsburys for some last minute food shopping. Hmm. Should really be checking the fridge.