Saw this and it made me laugh; :))

Henman 6-3 Soderling
O ye of little faith - Henman holds serve despite wobbling at 30-30 as Soderling nets his backhand. On Henman Hill, over-excited girls from expensive schools wave their arms wildy as they spot themselves on the giant screen.

Doesn't that sum up Tim Henman's fans!? Middle Class (possibly Mail or Express readers!), who probably don't know anything about Tennis except for Wimbledon! :no: I mean, where are these people during the other Grand Slams?! :??: You don't heard of, or see, legions of Henman fans going to Roland Garros for the French Open! Maybe they have short attention spans, and need wall-to-wall coverage of Wimbledon to cheer on their beloved Timmy (poor Henman!)! :>

Oh, Roger Federer's annihilating someone; but, that's not really news! ;)

In my world today, I filled up the tank of my car for the first time! :yes: Big milestone, that! First car; first time I paid for petrol! B)

Drove to the gym, this morning! Hmm. Anyone see the irony in driving to get exercise!? :-/ I didn't have a bus pass, and petrol is cheaper, anyway! :yes: :crazy: Well, I suppose that's because I live in London!