France are just getting better, aren't they!? :D They're starting to look like the side of 1998-2000, again! :yes: Spain weren't bad; made the match very interesting! (Unlike Switzerland-Ukraine; couldn't watch five minutes of that one! :yawn:)

I was babysitting last night, and sat down to watch the rest of the match, after successfully negotiating with them to go to sleep! ;) I threatened to tell their mum that they had been naughty! :))

The kids parents have a lot of digital television channels; especially music channels! Discovered this channel called Smash Hits TV (or something!); it had this programme called Pop Heaven (that has got to be an oxymoron!). :yes: Thought it would be funny to turn the volume right down, and laugh at the dancing eejits of late 1990s pop! (S Club 7; Five; A1) :)) Who in real life dances like that!? I mean choreographing rountines with their "friends"? But, do these eejits really choreograph their rountines, or do the record company organise it? ;)