Got to go out in a minute to inform Jobcentre Plus what I had for breakfast that I'm looking for a job, etc. Before I leave, here are a couple of poems I wrote last night/this morning.

First one, about a certain Prime Minister who stepped down yesterday;

(Polished Actions)

Stepping away.
You walk cleanly.
No one questions,
Your fatal decisions.

You see your time,
No blemishes; Fine.
Everything you did;
Perfect. You said.

All the deaths,
Outweighed by benefits.
You said; terrible,
but don't regret.

Those living in debt.
They pursued tuition,
That you wanted; Right?
They pay the price.

Those kids fighting,
War from your lying.
Those kids angry
Enough for bombing.

Those kids dying,
In war of lying.
Your head in sand,
You followed Bushman.

Obsessed by legacy,
Ignore the negative.
Mistakes not acknowledged.
Your actions, polished.


And, this one, influenced by terrible news that the Spice Girls might be making a comeback (again!);

Make It Stop!
(Return of the franchise)

They tormented millions,
With platforms and singles.
Preaching power to girls,
Not knowing what it means.

Out came their labels,
And so did the clones.
Little girls dressing
And pretend to sing.

Out came the franchise,
On came Music's demise.
It was business,
Motivated by pounds.

Then came the break up,
And the solo stuff.
No one listened,
Four couldn't sing.

Then they talked,
Of the comeback.
Please; No! Folk
Will have panic attacks!

The Franchise had died,
They are forgotten.
Until the nasty surprise,
They're booking the reunion!