Have to get this off my chest, and may go into a slightly incoherent rant. Just to warn you.

Sepp Blatter is continuing his bid to have a quota of foreign players in European leagues. This sets him in opposition to EU law, but Blatter isn't concerned.

"Workers in Europe can circulate freely but footballers are not workers," he said.

"You cannot consider a footballer like any normal worker because you need 11 to play a match - and they are more artists than workers."

Hold on, artists? One; aren't artists workers, especially if they use their art to earn a living. Two; okay, Arsenal are artistic footballers, but has Blatter seen the likes of Blackburn or Bolton playing?! Would hardly call them artists! (Organised thugs, maybe).

And another thing, can we define the term "worker" (thanks, Dictionary.com);

1. a person or thing that works.
2. a laborer or employee: steel workers.
3. a person engaged in a particular field, activity, or cause:

Well, number one is a pretty obvious definition! Number two, "employee"; the players are employees of the club they play for, so by that definition they are workers. Number three, "engaged in a particular field"; they are working in a particular field (no pun intended), that field is football.

According to this definition, footballers are workers and so should not be restricted from joining a particular club. Especially if it's at the expense of a "native" player who is pretty average, by comparison. In other industries, we wouldn't tolerate discrimination against foreign workers (rightly so), so why is football still far behind others?