This is a tribute to the beautiful Mr Juzzzy.

1. Juzzzy is a journalist, with a rather fetching moustache.
2. He lives on Merseyside. Which, contrary to popular belief, is full of very nice people! (Like Mr JD) ;)
3. Publishes his favourite words everyday in a special Word of The Day post. And in a special homage, here is a Word of The Day one off from me;

vacillate: To swing indecisively from one course of action or opinion to another.
"I can't decide whether to have Guinness, or Stella!"
"Stop vacillating and make your mind up! The barman is serving me."

4. He likes Post Secrets and alcohol.
5. Likes posting his opinion on news stories.
6. Has an absolutely adorable little nephew! :D
7. Has an old friend called Redleader, but he himself is a young spring chicken.