What do you get when you mix tacky and schmaltzy with the just plain crap? The news that Disney World, Florida has been twinned with Swindon. I guess they didn't visit the place beforehand!

Moving on.

An ex-Royal Harpist and junkie has been found guilty of handling stolen goods. Shows you are not too privileged to face justice for your crimes. Hear that, Amanda Knox and rich Italian boyfriend?!

That leads me on to a new rant. Firstly, US Media and Knox family PR bandwagon, the case is not anti-American. Your daughter isn't the only person convicted of murdering Meredith Kercher (from a family without a PR campaign), an Italian and an African were also convicted.

Next. What's this I hear about the senator for Washington State and, possibly, Hillary Clinton getting involved?! Oh, you say she didn't receive a fair trial? This from the country that sometimes doesn't even bring some people to trial, or sentences minors to death in some states. At least Knox, Sollecito and Guede aren't in a country which has the death penalty.

You know, if an Italian was found guilty of murder in the US and Italy complained about it, I bet Fox News, CNN and friends will be the first to complain about "another state interfering in our legal system!" Yes. It was in Italy where Meredith was assaulted murdered, and Italy where the legal proceedings should be carried out. It's Italy's legal system, so you don't interfere! It may not seem perfect to you, but it's none of your bloody business!

To close this rant, I'd like to remind you;

Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi.

Remind you of any recent events?

Now, read the following word and look up it's meaning.