More Slow Research Day Spews, and finally I know why I'm down after playing on youtube for hours. There's a link between depression and the internet, allegedly.

Well, that all depends on what you're doing online. I don't get depressed writing Spews posts, so blogging is obviously okay. Facebook has statuses (or Statii?) that remind you just how depressing our lives are.

Sam had a wkd time in town.

Beth hates her whole family, life and school friends

Samples of statii you might find on facebook (if I hadn't made them up!)

Before I start a farcebook rant, I'll move on. Peter Robinson's back in charge of Northern Ireland, after having to step down to sort out his private life. His small role in the affairs of Mrs Robinson ("And here's to you...") has obviously been cleared up, so he's back to work on peace in Northern Ireland. He'll have no problem there. It's not like he's in charge of one of the world's trouble spots!

I wonder if Robinson's facebook relationship status reads - "Peter is in a relationship with Iris and it's complicated."

Before I go, thanks to all who consider The Spews to be news items and nominated me for a bloscar. The jobs not done yet, though - so get over to the bloscars site now and vote for me. We can't have Juzzzy winning everything, can we?!