Happy Sunday people. Let's not mention football, and take a look at the spews.

So Russia have agreed to help NATO with it's missile shield. What is this shield, and how many countries are there that we need to shield against?

I mean, who is in NATO?

*All of Europe

And with Russia agreeing to muck in with the Missile Shield - that's all the highly dangerous countries working together. So who could they be defending themselves against? Okay, Iran and North Korea are threatening to build weapons, but if they did - who in Europe would they be willing/able to shoot at?

When you rule out Iran and North Korea, what does that leave? The alien invasion? So when the Daleks/Cybermen/Sontarans start firing missiles to soften us up for their invasion fleet, at least America, Europe and Russia will be safe. So what about China, India, Brazil and Africa? They won't be protected from interplanetary war.

So Missile Shield is clearly not to protect Earth from hostile Extra Terrestrials. What is it for, then? The countries with the most weapons are tucked away behind it. Iran and North Korea are led by gobby dictators, so we can probably rule them out. Burma has a huge military, but it's mostly used for making sure Aung Sun Su Kyi and her party aren't doing anything political - that's them ruled out. China prefers exporting sweatshop-made iPhones, rather than weapons. And I don't think the Aussies, Kiwis, South Africans or Brazilians have a missile programme.

So, with all the potential threats ruled out, what do we need a Missile Shield for?