The latest twist in the Wikileaks saga - Julian Assange was arrested and refused bail this morning. This follows some very political moves designed to cripple Wikileaks and Assange.

1. Amazon has stopped hosting Wikileaks.
2. Paypal has restricted payments to Wikileaks.
3. Mastercard and Visa have suspended payments.
4. Some Swiss bank has frozen his assets.
5. Sweden have issued a new European Arrest Warrant.

So now he's been arrested, after showing up at a London police station. All for what? Releasing a few documents onto his website that our supposedly democratic and accountable governments wanted to keep secret. How does holding governments to account represent a security threat? Surely accountability is essential in any democracy. No, I'm just being naive!

It seems when you attempt to question these people - or show the world what they are really like - they will happily find any reason to have you arrested/have your assets frozen. The disappointing thing is, that no democratic government is actually saying "congratulations, Wikileaks, for holding us to account". Instead they're all jumping on the "Damaging our Security" Bandwagon. It's sad that the UK government that promised transparency and openness are hopping on the same bandwagon. We need one government to make a stand and support Julian Assange and Wikileaks - where are you, Messrs Cameron and Clegg?