In a continuation of Labour government policy, libraries are under threat of closure thanks to the budget cuts. Labour wanted rid of libraries because they thought them irrelevant. The coalition aren't really too bothered, but have cut councils budgets, so the wonderfully self-indulgent councillors have decided their wages are far more important than frontline services. And we can't deprive Brian Coleman of his wages, he thinks he's worth it!

Why these people want rid of libraries (Barnet Council are also threatening the local museum with closure), I don't know. Apart from looking after themselves and continuing to take council tax money from us, with little coming back in return. What is wrong with Libraries?

Libraries are a wonderful service providing free books to the whole community. So, no matter what your financial circumstances, you can read some new publications or borrow any Jamie Oliver cookbook - without paying the full price for it. Whatever book you may be reading, it is guaranteed to open your mind a little more. Whether it's knowledge of how to cook rabbit, filling the gaps in your history or a thriller, it's going to give your mind some exercise.

But do governments or councils want us to have fully working minds?